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By investing in your health and well-being today, you’re taking the first step in a journey that will continue to evolve and flourish for the rest of your life.
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Lightpath of Intention

Take the first steps on your path of self-discovery with my 3-month targeted program. Over the course of seven personal sessions, I guide and support your quest for transformation. I shine a light on living intentionally and empower you to embrace holistic wellness of your mind, body, and soul.

Executive Enlightenment

Explore your greater purpose while embracing your enthusiasm for business and entrepreneurship during my 3-month intensive program. Through 13 personalized sessions, I help you create balance between your career and personal life—while illuminating your path to fulfillment in both areas.

The Collective

The Collective is a dynamic group coaching program designed to empower individuals on their personal and professional growth journey. This program fosters a supportive community of like-minded individuals who come together to learn, share, and grow in a collaborative environment.

Corporate Workshops and Coaching

With employee stress at an all-time high and at least 25% of the Canadian workforce experiencing psychological stress in their work and personal life, it's essential for businesses to invest in their employees' well-being. Employee burnout can have damaging mental and physical impacts on individual team members—resulting in losses for your business from extended absences, missed deadlines, and high employee turnover.

Prevent employee burnout, cultivate group synergies, and strengthen your team dynamic through my specialized 6-week corporate coaching program. From team problem-solving sessions and stress management workshops to individual meetings with team members, I work with your group to promote unity, facilitate connections, encourage a diversity of ideas, and ultimately improve employee retention.

Keynote Speaking Engagements

With more than 20 years of experience in corporate banking, I know what it takes to train, inspire, and lead high-performing teams—but I also understand the stress and complexity of maintaining balance in your career and personal life. Through my engaging and thought-provoking keynote speeches, I provide your group with practical insight into:

  • Stress management
  • Prioritization and time management
  • Shifting negative and limiting mindsets
  • Habit creation and behavioural change
  • Self-care and achieving balance between mind, body, and soul
  • Coping with and preventing employee burnout and entrepreneur overwhelm
  • Balanced nutrition as the foundation of holistic wellness

Wellness Retreats

Dedicate a time to self-care, reflection, and a deeper personal connection through my mind-body workshops and retreats. As your lightpath to wellness, I challenge you to explore and discover true meaning in your life—while inspiring you to embrace the steps needed to get there. From intimate conversations and encouraging group sessions to enjoying nourishing food and relaxation in a tranquil setting, my wellness retreats enable you to recharge, refresh, and renew—a necessary step on your journey of personal and professional success.