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Wanna learn what a healthy kitchen looks like for FREE?

Slow down...This is the new normal that has been thrust at humanity. I truly hope that we are taking this time to re-learn how to take care of YOU and those that you love!

Most of you know that I recently returned to school to pursue my passion for health and wellness. I was given this beautiful opportunity and all I want to do is share my new-found knowledge. That being said, we are in a financially precarious situation right now, and we have been put in a position that we must choose where we allocate finances. I see friends, family, and strangers online struggling with this new reality and it breaks my heart that people must choose to forgo taking care of themselves.

The online health, wellness, and fitness community have been very inspiring in the past few weeks. Every day, I have joined free online training sessions, from Yoga to Barre to Boxing. Some with trainers that I know and others that I have never had the chance to meet in person. Their passion for their art and their clients has been overwhelming and it got me thinking about how I can help the community stay healthy while at home.

10 FREE Healthy Kitchen Makeovers!!

What is a Healthy Kitchen Makeover you ask? Let’s spend one hour together virtually!

Via video call, we will review your pantry and fridge together. We will take some time to learn about labels, sugar and all of those lovely ingredients written on those fancy packages. The goal of this session not to judge yourself, but to begin the journey to nourishing your body with knowledge. Most of us do not know where to start being ”healthy”. I have been there. My road to understanding started 5 years ago when I met my health coach. I spent a lot of time learning, incorporating, failing, changing and starting over until I felt empowered to take my health into my hands.

Remember, a healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a race. It can take time to assimilate and incorporate a routine into your life. Let’s start your journey NOW! Send me an email, telling me why you want to have a kitchen makeover and stay tuned to see if you are one of the lucky 10!



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