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Crystal with Atomic Habits

"Stress is the results of people doing what they think they need to do instead of doing what they desire"

Crystal in directors chair

Discover Your Lightpath to Wellness


Are you ready to release your stress and take back your life?


Hi, I’m Crystal! I’m a passionate and inspiring Integrative Life Coach dedicated to helping people rise and thrive. I empower others like you to embrace their authenticity, release the shackles of stress, and rediscover true meaning in their lives.


Just like a beacon guides a ship through a storm, I’ll be your guiding light. I’ll work with you to illuminate and map the best path forward on your journey to wellness and self-acceptance.


Lifting the Anchor of Expectations


Do you sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Does it feel like your life has been a series of decisions influenced by the demands of others?


I understand how difficult it can be to forge your own path through life—especially when you’re bound by the expectations of family, friends, colleagues, and society. 


I work with you to release the deeply-embedded habits and comfortable routines that are keeping you on an unfulfilling, unbalanced, and unsustainable life path. I enable you to see your own strengths and abilities while encouraging you to explore a new vision for your future.


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Shifting Perceptions of Success


Do you sometimes wonder why your pursuit of “success” is so unfulfilling? Do you feel out of touch with your personal and professional goals?


I know what it’s like to be focused on the traditional ideal of success—and understand the stress and turmoil that comes from trying to achieve it. 


I work with you to discover your true definition of success in your career, family, and personal life. I encourage you to align your goals for success with your core values and beliefs—and guide you through creating actionable steps to achieve them. 


Book Your FREE Discovery Consultation Today! 

Crystal sitting

Crystal has programs for every stage in your personal, professional and business development.

There is no right or wrong way...Only the way that works best for you!

Ruth Pelletier

"I was so fortunate to have Crystal be a presenter on Zoom Webinar I organized for Seniors Action Quebec.

Crystal was excellent and it was a delight to have important information shared with us in such a lively, down-to-life manner. Crystal was a wealth of information, and everyone enjoyed her and had only positive comments.

 I have been lucky to attend several of Crystal’s events and I learned something new every time.

I recommend Crystal and I know you all benefit by participating in all of Crystal’s events."

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Small Steps Big Wins- Organizational Planner


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